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The Women Leadership Academy meets GIZ in Bonn

Jan, 30

The Women Leadership Academy meets GIZ in Bonn

By Julia Bastian

AFROSAI-GIZ Women Leadership Academy participants in Bonn.

Full of Laughter, energy, chatter and many questions on what food can be expected today at the cantina, the Women Leadership Academy has made its mark at GIZ Bonn in the first two weeks of December 2017.

From the 4th to the 15th of December 2017, the second workshop of the 2017 edition of the Women Leadership Academy (WLA) took place in Germany. The WLA is an initiative of the African Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions supported by the Good Financial Governance in Africa (GFG) Programme. The WLA aims to strengthen auditors in the middle management of African Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) to strengthen their leadership and management skills. The WLA Bonn workshop specifically focused on the interaction side of leadership: topics were leading performing teams, providing feedback and guidance, conflict management, improving presentation and communication skills and strengthening emotional intelligence.

AFROSAI-GIZ Women Leadership Academy
The 19 participants from the 2017 edition of the Women Leadership Academy engaging with the Danish Member of the European Court of Auditors, Bettina Jakobsen. (©ECA 2017)

The second workshop provided leadership coaching for each participant as well as feedback on the implementation of their strategic reform project, with the best four being selected for additional support by the GFG programme.
The support will be provided to:
-Gender Strategy for the Court of Accounts of Niger
-Professionalization Strategy of the Office of the Auditor General of Botswana
-Guidelines for the audit of Sustainable Development Goals at the Auditor General of Zimbabwe, and
-Internal and external communication strategy of the Court of Accounts of Gabon.

AFROSAI-GIZ Women Leadership Academy
The Botswana participant at the Bundesrechnungshof. Her project on professionalization has been chosen for additional support by the GFG in Africa Programme.

At the same time, the WLA module in Germany provided a unique opportunity for the 19 participants to interact with their peers at the Bundesrechnungshof (BRH) in Bonn and the European Court of Auditors in Luxemburg where they were received by the Danish member of the court, Bettina Jakobsen. In both SAIs, participants learnt about the mandate, processes and impacts of the European SAIs, as well as policies and status quo on gender equality and female leadership.

AFROSAI-GIZ Women Leadership Academy
The WLA participants giving and receiving constructive feedback.

At the BRH the WLA participants interacted with the human resource management department and learnt about its programme to balance work and family obligations. They were also informed of the BRH’s audit of the United Nations. ECA presented how it deals with external communications and human resources as well as its approach to auditing the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Women Leadership Academy also visited the BMZ to learn more about the role of the Africa Department and BMZ’s support to gender equality. Over and above, the visit to Germany was also an opportunity for participants to experience and explore German Christmas markets and snow!

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